Share Your Story

  You get a chance to share your story because you are not always able to have someone tell if for you. If someone does give you that honor, they will usually mess it all up. It is not their fault. If you were someone that they loved, they will give good sentiments. It is their own version of you. Certain parts of our personal experience with others is remembered through a conditioned filter. They see you in the way they see you or they see you the way you wanted them to see you. This is normal but this could create mis-perceptions. Typically a narrative has to be shared to the comfort level of those hearing the story. However, this is not always typical when you decide to share your own story.  

       When you share your own story, you have a chance to create a dialog to share emotions. Revealing this ability is one quality of being emotionally intelligent. Another is the ability to control emotions. Sharing our emotions this way is difficult for us that carry a story of being hurt or harmed in some way. It may also be difficult to express the more intimate and delicate parts of our story. A lot of those earlier versions of our story get in our way. It can feel like shame, a feeling that tenses up in our throat. There is a sense that we have that connects us to others. It also connects to that feeling. When we reveal, we feel open to attack. The sure will of sharing your story can alter this ability. Somehow the same sense that made us feel unsafe now feels empowered. Some call it being "Vulnerable". Sharing your story this way can help someone get a feel for you. The authentic version of you. Somewhere in them, they do have that same sense. Or simply, your story resonates with their story as well. 

      You can share your story in way that does not reveal your innermost workings. We can share our story in a way that does not have to make us feel unsafe. A story that you craft can be used to countermand any story that exists about you. Creative cognition is the way you work with your story when it is not written to your likeness. It is a change in the way you think about your personal story. This classifies you in a different category altogether. In a way you are in defiance to the story that was written for you. I see it as drive. The kind of feeling that you get when you know you are on to something big but you do not necessarily know what.  The story you created is like uncovering a great mystery. 

      Your story is a vehicle that drives you past all the limitations that were written into you. It is written into you through your memories. Just imagine as if the memories we remember and the memories we forget get written into us. If that is feasible, then the story that you share can be written into others when they remember it. If they choose to reread your story it becomes woven into a small part of their inner manuscript. Maybe they do not remember you (the one who wrote it) but they will remember the story that made them feel something. Sharing your story could be connected to something greater than yourself.     


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