• Alternative 3-3 (Lost in Teeth)

    A fictional account cross appropriating fringe theories about the nature of time and the groups that are in power. This was all written to supplement a reel shot for Taste Nate's Song "Lost in Teeth" on October 31st 2021. We Live Inside!
  • Zero Point Blurb

    Zero Point
    The center of your polarities
    The portal of infinity

    Zero Point
    Where the ocean meets the Earth
    It is the center
    between thoughts and emotions
  • Keys (Chi)

    The lyrics to the song Keys prod. by CVLTMNXD were inspired by "The Secret of the Golden Flower. There are five sections that I wanted to break down as a spoken word project. Keys or Chi was the first one. Start taking your keys with you in your everyday life. The awareness that you have built in your energy body. The awareness you restore from continuity (watching thoughts/focus breathing). The awareness that you keep on reserve through the culmination of your work.

    We were not alone when we arrived here
    We were not alone when we were born here again
    We were not alone
    We have help from those that chose to walk this path before us
    We have help from guides that remain with us throughout our lives
    We can lean on them for support when we feel we are all alone

    There are things that happen that we didn’t ask to happen. There are things that happen that we pray will never happen again. Somehow we are unable to control them all at once. Still they arise. We must rise our keys to the occasion and "Make the best out of a bad situation."
    Loneliness can be an be an effect of the way we interface our stress with the world. Loneliness could also be a road sign for you to get connected with presence. Presence is a strength that we cannot see but we can feel. It is something that makes us stronger than we can be when we are “alone”. It is something that exists in your walking life like an animal or plant that calls you back to a connection with eternity. Holding your presence is an act of being grounded and allows you to tune energy up towards your heart. With presence, we have the ability to lighten up and keep this flow unrestricted.
  • Ultraviolet Announcement

  • He Stays With His Peace (Moon Raker)

    Certain words we use connect us with a feeling. The feeling fires up internal pathways. The pathways generate a sense of well being like a bubble of gratitude. The belief that is attached to the word or the reason the word is used send a wave of emotion. A Moon Raker is one that is crafty in the way they choose their words, because they know what they say has potential to trigger someone. The most important words are the ones we tell ourselves. The Moon Raker understands that it is more beneficial to control our words than it is to use words to gain control. The words of the Moon Raker are like air bubbles and the feelings are like the wave. You seldom get one without the other. The Moon Raker relies on imagination more than perception to generate the wave. When you have imagination you are able to take your feelings and put them into words that say more about your real identity than how you are perceived. A Moon Raker builds a stream of consciousness. It connects us to others as that stream moves into the continuous flow.
  • Share Your Story

    You get a chance to share your story because you are not always able to have someone tell if for you. When you tell your own story, you have a chance to create a dialog to share emotions. Revealing this ability is one part to being emotionally intelligent. Some call it being "Vulnerable". Sharing your story this way can help someone get a feel of you. Creative cognition is the way you work with your story when it is not written to your likeness. If they choose to reread your story it becomes woven into a small part of their inner manuscript. Sharing your story could be connected to something greater than yourself.