Zero Point Blurb

Zero Point

The center of your polarities

The portal of infinity

Zero Point

Where the ocean meets the Earth

It is the center 

between thoughts and emotions

In the energy body it is the throat

Between the heart and the mind

For my self in astrology 

Between the polarity

of Cancer and Capricorn

Zero Point as 

The Galactic Center of Sagittarius

Zero Point as

A balance between

The self love and love of others


Altruism and selfishness 

The point when the student 

becomes the teacher

When the wounded 

becomes the healer


That as you are healing yourself 

You are healing others 

While you are teaching your self 

You are making wisdom

Available to those who ask for it

Zero Point 

While continuing a life that is creating itself 

Rather than a reality of circumstances

Accepting of your circumstances 

Without allowing them to control you

Zero Point

As a balance of Love and Detachment

A love that is free but securely anchored

A love that is balanced 

between giving and receiving

Only giving to give

While opening to receive

Detaching while allowing it to pass

So that you have love to give

Zero point as presence

You know exactly where you came from 

and what you have overcame

And you can envision where you want to go 

But you know you can only realistically

be here and now 

Zero Point as

An Energy Harvest

The vitality of enjoying 

All the fruits you have available 

The foresight 

of surpluses 

The exchange of energy

Centered in opulence

With the vision that

When you exchange it 

You still have it all 

Because you are with a value

That made it all possible 

Zero Point through

Shifting energies 

What you create now

Could be useful when later

Releasing what is no longer needed 

So that it is available for someone now

Zero Point as 

The discernment of collective polarity 

Learning from the mistakes of history 

So they aren't repeated

The control of your own life

Without a need to control others

Discernment of faith

Understanding the spiritual identity 

that you inherited

And the vision of a spiritual cosmology

Corresponding to the ages golden 

With faith in the center of a shifting portal

In the center of your polarities 

The portal of infinity 

I was inspired to write this blurb after releasing a project called Zero Point Visions today. I hope you enjoy the music. 

All the best 


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