Ultraviolet Announcement

      This is the third installment from the Vectorman Series. Dynamicbeing has been the most consitent artist that I have been able to work with. Yellow Cake Radio as in house label is a space for artists to share their story and their gifts. Using the music as a portal, we are able to have conversations that go deep into the abyss or heighten to the awareness of interdimensional dynasties. This discussion’s subjects have ranged from sociopolitical to esoteric, from faith and spirituality to romance and heartbreak. Some of it seems far-out or nerdy but we use raw lyricism to bridge some of that translation. Vectorman has been Dynamicbeing’s alter ego for cryptic and sci-fi raps.   

     Not every one has been blessed to have a correspondence with spirit. Not every one has a strong psychological backbone to deal with the trials that an artist faces. I think the internet has opened up the doors for some of these conversations to exist but the resources are not going to do the work for you. Everyone wants a shortcut or immediate gratification but it doesn’t really work like that. A lot of us have built walls around our hearts and we offer our skills hoping it is gonna give us results. It is rare to get a mention or recognition for the work we do so releasing art can be a disheartening process. We haven’t had a communion with our soul because we are caught in the loop of the daily grind. Some of us turn to drugs and alcohol to drown out the noise. We would prefer to avoid the pain that is is deep in our soul. It is a pain we have to become familiar with if we are to ever release its hold on us. A lot of my favorite artists carry a confidence they earned over their career. It wasn’t something that came from the world, it came from facing a pain that is way worse than anything that the world can dish. It is a kind of fearlessness that comes from being truly alive.  

R.I.P. Prodigy. He is one that comes to mind when you think of fearless emcee.        

    Artists use substances as a way to work around this invisible wall we build. It has the appearance of a creative edge but it is not. All it really is doing is giving us a temporary window to what has always been there for us the whole time. After a while, the initial edge is gone and the emptiness is still there. We have lost so many of hip hop heroes due to drug abuse and we are forced to look at death. Self awareness gives us a way to look at death beyond a moment in time that our physical life ends. It could be the end of a dependency or a soul awakening.  It could be an ultraviolet light spectrum. A stream of this light fuses the continuation of our soul’s reunification with the omnipresence.  An authentic artist has the ability to face death while they are still alive. If you are cleaver enough you don’t have to face an actual near death experience to reconnect with your soul. If you have to face death and you are given another chance, you have the choice to break down the walls and create art on your own terms.  

Prodigy's Prison recipes were kinda of on point. :) 

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